VIP Space Travel

Destination "SPACE"

We are happy and very excited to offer you the tours of the future and this infinite destination in many different aspects and with so many different program alternatives.

Having set our heart on this subject for over 20 years and closely followed the development of space tours, VIP Tourism came to present day by listening to the dreamers, travelers, space investors, astronauts, those who want to travel to space and those who are afraid of space. When we first announced VIP Space Tours in Turkey, many thought that this was just a dream… However, one thing was forgotten. Intercontinental journeys, crossing of oceans, flying, travelling to the moon; all of these were once dreams… In short, many things that make life easier for us today were once dreams of some people. Could anyone imagine that there would be half a million travelers flying in the sky every hour?

And this is our dream… We are taking the first step into space tourism now, which is seen as the tourism of the future.

Also you will find a lot of space travel program this site. We have observed that the works aimed at realizing the journey to the Moon, which seems improbable, have intensified and it is possible for the humanity. We hereby announce it in this brochure. This will be a special travel program that we will open to those who have registered for the space program. We will share the details of this week-long exciting program with VIP Astronauts only.

With the hope of meeting you in space experiences and journeys beyond dreams on 7 continents and 7 regions of Turkey…

Ceylan Pirinçcioğlu