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Can I dive the day before or after flying into space?
Not the day before. First of all because you are busy in our training program. Second it is not smart to dive within 24hrs of a commercial flight. We will probably add some hours to that because of the higher flight profile. Diving the day after won't be a problem, although you might expect some after effects from your astronaut inauguration party!

Can I go into Space if I am pregnant?
We don't advice to go into space if you are pregnant. The flight itself does not pose a high risk for the pregnancy, although personal excitement levels are expected to be higher than normal. Bottom line: in case of some medical complication during the spaceflight, medical attention will be delayed until after touch down. It makes more sense to wait until the baby is delivered.

How many passengers will travel with me into outer space?
No other passengers. You will be the only passenger, sitting right next to the pilot.

How many training sessions will there be?
We will offer 4 to 5 training missions, these are not compulsory, yet we do recommend that you take part on the training missions.

How much oxygen will there be on board the XCOR shuttle?
1872 kg liquid oxygen per flight

How well is XCOR's track record?
XCOR has been building rocket engines since 1990. They have built 11 generations of rocket engines. They have fired in excess of 3500 rockets on the ground and completed 66 flights on two different types of rockets airplanes. All tests and flights were successful and without any safety incident (knock on wood!).

Is it safe to take off under rocket power?
Taking off with rocket power is as safe as any other take off. This way of launching is comparable to a fighter aircraft taking off with afterburners. Before the spaceship takes off the pilot determines whether the rocket engines are performing well. The fact that the engines are checked while the spaceship is on the ground even adds safety margin. If there is anything wrong, the pilot will abort the take off and simply stay on the ground, just like any other commercial airliner. We'll have the engines checked and do another flight as soon as possible.

Is there a parachute on board?

Is there an automatic pilot?

What do I have to wear on the day of the expedition?
Will I get to wear a special suit?
Yes, you will get to wear a spacesuit and a matching helmet.

What does the medical test entail?
You will be tested on your blood pressure, your vision, your hearing and a urine test and a physical agility test will be performed which involves lifting objects, reaching and stooping.

What is required for admittance onboard the Space Expedition Curacao shuttle?
Basically anybody who is above the age of 18, is physically and mentally healthy is able to travel into outer space with us. We require for the passenger to send us their medical history of the past five years within seven days of signing the contract. Alongside this we require the passenger to undergo a medical test that is financed by SXC. When the passenger has indicated that he or she does not have any serious heart problems, extremely high blood pressure or is diagnosed with epilepsy then basically anyone can aboard the XCOR Lynx shuttle.

What is the duration of the flight into outer space?
The entire expedition will lasts for an hour if not a little longer.

What is the minimum age for a person to travel into space with SXC?
The minimum is 18 years of age

What is the planning for the development op de Lynx?
The first flight of the prototype is planned for medio 2012. XCOR has completed supersonic and subsonic wind tunnel tests. The engine has been on the test stand since may 2010 and has performed very well. XCOR is currently building the cockpit. Next events are more engine tests and the building of the structure.

What is the weight of the Lynx shuttle?
The Lynx Mk 2 is a small aircraft. It is 9 meter long and has a width of 7.5 meter. The spaceship weighs 5000 kg

What will be the most memorable experience in my spaceflight?
Although most people instinctively expect  that it will be the experience of weightlessness,  all 500 astronauts  up till today can attest that it really is seeing Planet Earth and its curvature from a back sky hi-above that defines the life changing experience.

Where will I be able to undergo this medical exam?
SXC is currently in the process of selecting the institutes, which will execute the medical exams. The medical exams are available in many countries, but we don't know what the locations are for SXC as of yet.

Who is XCOR?
XCOR Aerospace is a California corporation located in Mojave, Calif. The company is in the business of developing and producing safe, reliable and reusable rocket powered vehicles, propulsion systems, advanced non-flammable composites and other enabling technologies. XCOR is working with aerospace prime contractors and government customers on major propulsion systems, and concurrently building the Lynx, a piloted, two-seat, fully reusable, liquid rocket powered vehicle that takes off and lands horizontally, and serves three primary missions: microsatellite launch, research & scientific missions, and private spaceflight.  The Lynx production models (designated Lynx Mark II) are designed to be robust, multi-mission commercial vehicles capable of flying to 100+ km in altitude up to four times per day and are being offered on a wet lease basis.

Why is the space flight experience life changing?
Seeing Planet Earth from hi-above vividly demonstrates the uniqueness but also the vulnerability of our Planet within the solar system and beyond. This awareness  will be with you the rest of your life and will help to fill in   your share of responsibility in a healthy environment.







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