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The Lynx
The X-Cor Lynx is special bird indeed. It was chosen for a number of remarkable specs, which offer its passengers a maximum experience:
You're not passenger, you're the co –pilot
The Lynx carries no more than two people; the pilot-astronaut and you. Being part of all communication, watching every move of the pilot, you are thruly part of the mission, and not luggage. Oh yeah, before we forget; this also means that you will be granted a suitable 'callsign'. And just like with any other pilot, you have no saying in this at all.
A giant, 5m2 canopy
You didn't travel that far to look at the earth through just a small airline window. The Lynx cockpit canopy is huge, making it the most impressive theatre in the world (and beyond). Your site stretches from Brazil to Florida, hearing nothing but silence.
It's self propelled
The Lynx does not need to depend on a mothership that takes time to get it a to a high altitude launch environment. In the Lynx it's showtime from the very first second on. Mach 1 at T+60 seconds, Mach 3 at T+180 seconds. So you're still very fresh the moment you enter space.

It's simple
The Lynx is designed based on the KISS principle; very basic and simple. This makes it safe and economical in use. This enables us to offer smart ticket prices that make space travelling in reach for as many people possible.

It's sustainable
A lot of energy was put into building a spacecraft that was as environmentally friendly as possible. This includes light-weight materials, the use of bio-fuels and re-usable rocket propulsion. In fact, the Lynx engine are designed not to be used a single time, but over 5000 flights.

It's more than a glider
After having reached the maximum altitude of 103 km, the Lynx will glide back to earth. One of the unique characteristics of the Lynx however is, that if the pilot choses so, the engine can be switched back on during the flight. This is a massive advantage in terms of flexibility and flight safety.

It's a scientific platform
The Lynx will carry scientific programmes in almost every single flight. So while you are enjoying the mind blowing experience, you are also part of scientific research that will offer mankind progress, one step at the time.








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