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Training Missions
Going into space is not a picnic... In order to be completely prepared for your space travel, you can participate in a number of optional SXC Training Missions, in addition to the complimentary preparatory program.
Mission tactics course (Mandatory)
We will teach you all you need to know to fly into space. Our professional instructors have prepared a tailor made package that you will enjoy while you learn about your space expedition.
A ride in the G-centrifuge serves to demonstrate elevated levels of G. And, more importantly, how to be ready for them. This is relevant because during the re‑entry into the atmosphere, the Lynx will experience elevated levels of G, making your head and arms feel heavier than usual. At the end of its re-entry, the Lynx will have to lose excess energy, and during this pull‑up manoeuvre you will experience 4.5G for a few seconds. During the G-centrifuge Training Mission, you will take a seat in a small cockpit, which flies circles at the end of a long pole. You will experience elevated G-levels (up to 4.5G) and our professional instructors will teach you several simple techniques to deal with these G-levels. And enjoy them! With these techniques, you will be prepared to optimize your experience in the Lynx spaceship.
Flight in the L-39 Albatross Jet
The L-39 Albatross is a single engine, tandem seat jet trainer. This high‑performance jet is ideally suited to prepare for the spaceflight in the Lynx Mk II. You will fly in the backseat, behind our professional instructor pilot, and get used to flying in a high performance aircraft, wearing a helmet and even pulling some G's. During this Training Mission, we simulate the most important phases of your spaceflight, so you will be ready come the actual spaceflight. With this great experience, you will be able to enjoy your spaceflight to the maximum.
Zero-G flight
On this Training Mission, you will experience weightlessness. Zero-G or parabolic flights are flights on a specially equipped aircraft, to simulate zero-G. You will be weightless for about 50 seconds at a time, during specialmanoeuvres, called parabolas. These can be repeated 20-30 times per flight. During the short periods of weightlessness, you will experience the same weightlessness as in space. You will also be able to float freely through the cabin and will train to perform various tasks, to prepare for your space mission.
Desdemona Simulator

The Desdemona simulator is a state-of-the-art simulator and unique in it's kind. It is built by the Austrian company AMST and TNO and is located in Soesterberg, the Netherlands. This is the first simulator which is both full motion and is capable of generating all possible G-forces, up to 3,3G. In the cockpit is an advanced high resolution video simulation available to the Astronaut of almost 180 degrees wide. This allows for a highly realistic simulation of the suborbital spaceflight. There's no simulator anywhere in the world, which is able to generate this high performance simulation.







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